FAQs and Warnings


Who is Maherajah?

Maherajah has been building high performance water skis since 1950 and has been the primary innovator of the sport. We have pioneered and developed industry standard features such as the high wrap binding, drop through fin, tunnel concave bottom, beveled edge, and the stiff ski. We continue to innovate and are constantly testing and redesigning. Maherajah has dominated water ski racing for decades- it's not unusual for more than half of the top 10 finishers in national and international races to be riding our skis. Check out our history page for more information.

How do I set up my blank SSRS or Longboard ski?

1. Mount binding in a straight line, down the center of the ski. DO NOT angle the rear binding.
2. Use stainless steel, Phillips, oval head, sheet metal screws, #10 X 1 3/4" for most "race" type bindings. The screws should penetrate the ski 1 inch plus or minus.
3. Pre drill 3/4 inch into the ski with a 3/32 inch bit; counter sink the laminate just a little.
4. When mounting slalom type bindings such as ours or HO’s, use #8 X 1 inch, stainless steel, pan head, Phillips sheet metal screws.
5. Pre drill 3/8 inch into ski with a 3/32 inch bit; counter sink the laminate just a little.
6. The ski is marked for binding placement. Set the rear of the front binding at the mark. Place back binding very close. Your back toe should be within 1/2 inch of your front binding.
* This ski banks and turns so well that any part of a binding, such as a buckle, that extends beyond the side of the ski will pick up water and interfere with your turn!

How do I get up on a water ski?

1. Binding lubrication is definitely recommended after you WET your feet and ski. Use a shampoo/conditioner (Pert Plus works great) or suntan lotion.
2. Ski tip out of the water.
3. Body positioned over bindings.
4. Ski in planing position (not vertical).
5. Arms straight (let the boat pull you out).
6. Knees together and close to your chest.
7. Look at the tip of ski, keeping it straight and pointed at your boat.
8. Driver should idle in gear, starting only if skier looks straight while idling, then increase speed steadily.
9. Skier should count to five before standing.
10. Stand up slowly.
11. Keep your ski forward by pressing on your forward foot.
12. After standing, follow the direction of your ski. Over correction may cause you to fall.




  1. Your safety is your responsibility
  2. Never attach yourself to the boat via “wrapping up” or with any type of harness
  3. Do not ski where it is possible to hit anything in the water
  4. Water skiing can be extremely dangerous
  5. Serious injury and death have and may occur
  6. Wrap up skiing and stiff race-type bindings significantly increase the risk of this ski breaking during use
  7. Seven longboards have broken in use
  8. There is no warranty on this product