Crown Longboard Skis

Maherajah's NEW Race & Longboard skis are ALL WOOD! No veneers of course; these skis all feature 5 layers of wood. The Sitka Longboard is 100% spruce, the Classic and Exotic versions both have a 3 layer Sitka spruce core with hardwood top and bottom. Spruce gives the best weight to strength ratio of any wood and provides better dampening. These skis are designed for racing however they make a perfect recreational ski. A Longboard ski adds a whole new dimension to "skiing for fun". It's rock solid stability and large surface area allows for skiing in water that wouldn't be suitable for a traditional slalom and is ideal for BIG guys although it works equally well for 80 or 90 pound skiers. A Longboard can take you farther than you ever thought you could go on a ski.